TITLE: Masquerade

AUTHOR: Erratic Hippie

PAIRING: Jasper x Bella


SUMMARY: He was unbreakable. She broke too easily. Beneath the shards of sin, lies the steady drip of innocence abused.

NOTES: This is mostly A.U with vampires. It follows the books (mostly) from the beginning, but changes a lot of information. Best read while listening to Undisclosed Desires, by Muse.

SPECIAL THANKS: Whimsy, for reading and holding my hand. Love.

Chapter One: THE FIRST
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title: Choices Always Have Consequences
fandom: Twilight
pairing: Bell/Edward, Bella/Jacob, Bella/Jasper
rating: t
summary: Bella chooses Jacob but things don't work out the way she imagined. What happens to the Cullens and why does Jasper look her up a few years later?
disclaimer: If I owned them I wouldn’t be broke.
Authors Notes: My first het.
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Days of Bella - Chapter One: Day One


Title: Days of Bella
Paring: Jasper/Bella
Author: betterwithapen3 
Rating: M
Warnings: Language and eventual lemons
Summary: Bella is intelligent, serious, and well on her way to becoming a great Oncologist. Jasper is a mellow man who is in-between jobs at the moment. They become fast friends when they meet at a bar one night, but can their relationship grow into something more? Can it last?

Chapter one: Day one

Rec request...

Hi. I was wondering if anyone could rec me some Jaspella stories. I'd like to read stories where after Bella's turned she realises that Edward isn't the one she wants. Ones where Edward doesn't love Vampire!Bella. In the end I want her with Jasper. Obviously - because this is a Jaspella LJ. :) Alice & Edward don't have to die, be evil & cheat. Also I'd like Jake & Seth to be a big part of the story. Thanks. Cheers!
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I started a second Jasper/Bella fanfiction called 'Beyond The Darkness' and I am 3 Chapters in. Take a look if your are interested.

Summary - Jasper Whitlock is a vampire whose life is filled with despair and misery until the night he saves a human and makes her like him. Will their relationship lead to a life beyond the darkness Jasper feels or will jealousy from another tear them apart

Disclaimer - I own nothing ... all these characters were created by Stephenie Meyer. I'm simply borrowing them.

Rated M for violence and future lemons

Chapter 1 can be found HERE

'Handle That' Challenge

‘Handle That’ Challenge


            Okay so this is a challenge that I thought of last night and I really hope that some of you will give it a try.



            -Must be a Jasper/Bella story

            - Must be a one-shot

            -Can NOT be All Human

            -Has to be set after Edward leaves in New Moon

            -Bella must have or receive a pet cat

            -Jasper must say ‘Well, I think we can handle that’


            Please have all stories written by August 15, 2010.  If you write a story please message me with your name and the title of your story.  I will repost this to my profile and F.Y.I. I give brownie points if Edward gets dead but it’s NOT required! All ratings are welcome